Here, are links to Brilliant Project Leader and the books recommended in it for further reading. From time to time, I’ll also add some extra books you might be interested in.

Brilliant Project Leader, by Mike ClaytonBrilliant Project Leader
What the best project leaders know, do and say to
get results, every time

Mike Clayton




Also by Mike Clayton

All of Mike’s books will help you to become a brilliant project leader.

Brilliant Influence by Mike Clayton

Brilliant Influence
What the most influential people know, do and say

… will give you advice, tips and solid psychology that will help you influence stakeholders and get your team members to meet their commitments.  It also gives you more details about how to negotiate, build networks, exchange favours and present your vision powerfully.  Particularly supplements Chapter 12.

Brilliant Time ManagementBrilliant Time Management
What the most productive people know, do and say

… will help you to manage your personal time, so that you can stay better in control of your agenda.  It also has specific guidance and ideas about how to make your meetings more effective and delegate tasks to colleagues.

Brilliant Stress Management by Mike Clayton

Brilliant Stress Management
How to manage stress in any situation

… will help you to stay tough in tough times, by giving you resources to control your response to stressful situations. Particularly supplements Chapter 12.

The Handling Resistance PocketbookThe Handling Resistance Pocketbook
by Mike Clayton
… will help you to deal with resistance to your project and the changes it is designed to bring about.  It has fuller details of the onion model and also applies it to other situations.  You will find many techniques and tips for handling resistance here.  Particularly supplements Chapter 10.

The Management Models PocketbookThe Management Models Pocketbook
by Mike Clayton
… describes in more detail some of the models used in Brilliant Project Leader, including the OODA Loop, Tannenbaum & Schmidt, Tuckman and the Drama Triangle.  Other valuable models for project leaders include the Vroom’s expectancy theory and McClelland’s model of motivational needs.

Risk Happens! by Mike Clayton

Risk Happens!
Managing Risk and Avoiding Failure in Business Projects

… is all about project risk management.  Like Brilliant Project Leader, it is targeted on new and less experienced project leaders, but focuses entirely on risk management.  It also contains a lot of material that will be valuable to more experienced practitioners.

Shift Happens!
Mike’s blog on change, projects and risk is called Shift Happens! and is at

Other books that you will find valuable

Brilliant Project ManagementBrilliant Project Management
Stephen Barker and Rob Cole


Brilliant Project ChecklistsBrilliant Checklists for Project Managers: Your Shortcut to Success
Richard Newton

Effective Leadership Effective Leadership: How to be a successful leader
John Adair
Particularly supplements Chapters 2, 3, and 4


Team Roles at WorkTeam Roles at Work
R Meredith Belbin
Particularly supplements Chapter 2


Coaching for PerformanceCoaching for Performance
John Whitmore
Particularly supplements Chapter 2


Leadership and the One Minute ManagerLeadership and the One Minute Manager
Ken Blanchard, Patricia Zigarmi and Drea Zigarmi
Particularly supplements Chapter 3


The Wisdom of TeamsThe Wisdom of Teams
by Jon R Katzenbach and Douglas K Smith
Particularly supplements Chapter 4


The Wisdom of CrowdsThe Wisdom of Crowds: Why the Many are Smarter than the Few
by James Surowiecki
Essential reading for team problem-solvers and decision-makers; this book shows you how to make wise decisions with a group, rather than dangerous ones.

Particularly supplements Chapter 7

TA TodayTA Today
By Ian Stewart and Vann Joines
Particularly supplements Chapter 10


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