Brilliant Project Leader

“This has the ability to greatly enhance your effectiveness and capability.
It is a must read for all current or aspiring project leaders.”

Charles Vivian,
Head of Programme and Project Leadership, Qedis

Brilliant Project Leader, by Mike Clayton

Brilliant Project Leader
What the best project leaders know,
do and say to get results, every time

Projects are tough environments where mangers rarely have complete authority over their teams.

Yet the need to achieve a clear outcome in a defined time, with a limited budget, means you have to get the best from your people.

Brilliant Project Leader looks beyond the formal project management disciplines at how to lead your team and offers you a wealth of brilliant tips, tools and insights.

What Brilliant Project Leader will give You

Brilliant Project Leader takes you through the project lifecycle, showing you how to engage and lead your team at each stage.  It sets out the roles you can assign your team, tools to help allocate work, and – more important – the ways to motivate, inspire and develop team members.

Based on a twelve year career of leading project teams and delivering to time and budget, and then eight years of training project managers , the author combines practical tools, personal tips and psychological insights that will show you how to:

  • Engage your team from the very start
  • Harness the power of a diverse team
  • Delegate and build trust among your team members
  • Encourage open and honest communication
  • Get people to do what they promise to do
  • Monitor performance at the right level, stepping the line between micro-management and hands-off delinquency
  • Give great feedback that inspires and encourages
  • Build an environment of contribution, commitment and, ultimately, success

Whether your project is large or small, in the public, private or voluntary sector, Brilliant Project Leader will equip you to get the very best from your project team.

Contents of Brilliant Project Leader

 Part 1:  The Four Essentials of Team Leadership

  • Chapter 1: You get the team you deserve
  • Chapter 2: Focus on Individuals
  • Chapter 3: Build and share a clear plan
  • Chapter 4: Foster a true sense of team spirit
  • Chapter 5: Communicate relentlessly – and well

 Part 2: Leading your Project Team at each Stage of the Project

  • Chapter 6: Project Definition Stage
  • Chapter 7: Project Planning Stage
  • Chapter 8: Project Delivery Stage
  • Chapter 9: Project Closure Stage

 Part 3:  Project Team Leadership in Tough Times

  • Chapter 10: Tough Times: Meeting Resistance
  • Chapter 11: Tough Times: Up against it
  • Chapter 12:  Tough Times: Tough Leader
  • To Lead: Some Closing Remarks
  • Glossary of Project Management Terms

Back cover /Promotion

Brilliant Project Leader will be Mike Clayton’s seventh book and and his fourth in Pearson Education‘s best selling “Brilliant …” series.


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Project Leader in Pratica - Mike ClaytonBrilliant Project Leader is now available in Italian.
Project Leader in Pratica is available from all Italian bookshops,
published by Franco Angeli Management.

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