About the Author

Project Management: Art or Science?

Neither says Mike Clayton.  Rather, Mike sees good project management as a craft.  Precision and elegance combined to produce something that is beautiful, has a form that fits its purpose perfectly, and is eminently useful.

Like art, science and craft, project management is a human activity.  As a project manager, Mike firmly believes that this dimension is under-represented in training, seminars, books and articles.  And it is this dimension that defines a project leader.

A life-long Passion: for Getting things Done

Mike has always been a doer and getter-done.  His relentless restlessness to achieve more led him to abandon a promising academic career in physics for the high pressure enticements of management consultancy, working first with niche public sector consultants CSL Group and then with Deloitte.

Mike first learned project management as many of us do: by doing it and applying his common sense.  But with opportunities to manage and lead larger projects, and attend training courses and conferences, he started to hone his technique.  An omnivorous reader, Mike seeks out and integrates new ideas from anywhere.  He learned from the best of the people he worked with – and from the worst.  He started to think of himself as a project leader as well as a project manager.

A Second Passion: for Communicating

Mike’s second career – in speaking, facilitating and training – allows him to focus on another passion; for communicating ideas and simplifying the complex into easy-to-apply models and techniques.  His focus in all of this is helping people to take what they already know and to extend it so they can be more effective and better respected.

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Brilliant Project Leader is Mike’s seventh book.