This book is dedicated to all of the friends, colleagues and clients who helped me to learn the craft of project leadership and who gave me opportunities to practice describing it.


This book would not have been possible without the people who helped me to learn the craft of project leadership, whose advice and example helped me to understand more deeply, and whose presence gave me some helpful anecdotes to tell.  There are so many.  The following are those who have particularly influenced one or more parts of this book: Colin Bartle-Tubbs, Julian Badcock, Jens Butler, Steve Clark, Guy Dent, Richard England, John Everett, Brian Green, Mark Holmes, Rex Mackrill, Alessandra McConville, George Owen, John Perry, Richard Porter, Tony Quigley, Martyn Watts, Judith Wilks, and Nick Wilson.

In my second career, as a speaker, facilitator and trainer, many people and organisations have given me opportunities to road test the ideas in this book and how to present them.  In particular: Nick Alcock, Cryss Mennaceur, Oliver Moorby, Phil Sabin, Andrew Tanswell, Perry Timms and, especially, Ron Rosenhead.

Most of my opportunities to lead projects were afforded by two organisations.  One was Deloitte, with whom I was a consultant and later Senior Manager, over a period of 12 years, and for whom I led great teams of talented people for world-class clients.  Within Deloitte, I was part of a fantastic team called Programme Leadership, inspirationally led by Gilbert Toppin.  The other was Campus Children’s Holidays, for whom I volunteered and ran holiday projects for many Liverpool Children in the early 1990s.

Finally, I must mention some of the project management bloggers who provide me with the intellectual challenge I miss through no longer being part of an organisation and the great team that I had at Deloitte: Kailash Awati, John Carroll, John Goodpasture, Josh Nankivel, and Dan Ward.  However, most important of all is to acknowledge that Glen Alleman’s kind comments about my blog, Shift Happens!, came at just the right time to support my pitch to Pearson Education to write this book – thank you Glen.