From Samad Aidane
IT Project Manager and founder of Project Management Teleseminars

“Mike believes that “in tough times, project management is not enough. People get scared and uncertain and need leadership to keep them working effectively”.

While there is a book called Brilliant Project Management, its focus is primarily on project management basics. Brilliant Project Leader focuses more on the human side of project management recognizing that systems, processes and procedures and even to some extent methodologies, while essential, are not sufficient to deliver successful projects.

I found this book packed with leadership tools and insight that have clearly been proven in the real world and are clearly informed by research from various fields such as psychology, social science and our understanding of how the brain works.

The book provides essential leadership skills for each stage of the project which is something that I have find unique. Mike dedicates the last section to leadership skills in tough times. The tools and insights here will help project managers cut through the uncertainty and confusion that they often experience on complex and challenging projects.

I highly recommend Brilliant Project Leader: What the best project leaders know do and say to get results every time.”

Full review on Amazon

From Charles Vivian
Charles Vivian, Head of Programme and Project Leadership, Qedis

“As with all Mike’s books, this provides a clear, concise and practical guide to project leadership.  This book has the ability to greatly enhance your effectiveness and capability as a project leader either through a few hours of reading or as a career reference guide.  It is a must read for all current or aspiring project leaders.”

From Allan E. Dean
PMO Consulting Leader & Engagement Manager at CompuCom

“Highly readable with a great voice and sentiment – PMO’s and PPM’s will make this required reading because Mike has assembled a career’s worth of project leadership lessons and gives them away (e.g. purpose and strategy plus tactics you can use right now).

Mike teaches PM’s how to lead and further conveys how project choices and leadership style make or break a PM’s career.  There are gems that get only a blurb because others command checklists and pages of valuable, situational lessons and insights.  Read it carefully – because even the basics Mike mentions casually actually are hard lessons learned and deserving of entire presentations to drive the value of each point home.  Even better for PM’s everywhere is that Mike’s book frames it all in the most relevant context dear to all of us – project delivery.

Read this one, practice what you learn – and you’ll get a jump start on a fantastic career and a portfolio of successful projects under your belt.”

Full review on Al’s blog, PM Knowledge Transfer


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